Surfboard Carrying Bags: Planning For A Global Stoke Session

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If you're taking a global surf adventure, you can't get going if your boards and gear don't survive the trip. Surfboard carrying bags can secure your surf gear and protect your boards on your journey to and from your favorite surf spots.

Here are some ways to make sure that your gear and boards survive your surfing adventures.

Go Hard and Soft

Surfboards are more likely to be broken and damaged when they're on dry land, not in the water. You can protect your boards by taking a hard and soft approach to the problem.

  • Bubbling Up: For extended traveling situations, wrapping your boards in bubble wrap and packing tape can drastically reduce the likelihood of damage caused by jostling and falls. When wrapping and taping your boards, you may want to provide extra protection for the most fragile parts of your board. For instance, before wrapping and taping your boards, you might want to drape your wetsuit and/or towels over the nose and fin box. These extra layers of cushioning will help absorb the impact of big falls and minimize the potential damage caused by bumping into hard surfaces.
  • Tight Fit: The more snuggly a surfboard fits into your surfboard carrying bags, the easier they'll be to safely handle and secure. If you're packing boards of varying lengths into a single surfboard carrying bag, consider filling any cavities with soft clothing. By filling these empty spaces, your boards won't have the room to bump against each other or shift when managed roughly by bag handlers.
  • Tactical Approach: If you'll need to trust an airline or third-party with your surfboards, consider opting for a tactical surfboard carrying bag. These hard-plastic cases have reinforced compartments and seams. Tactical surfboard carrying bags can also be locked securely, allowing you to protect valuable equipment like action cameras and wetsuits.

Go Portable and Stable

Some of the best surfboard carrying bags are built for maximum stable and portability. Before you buy a surfboard carrying bag for your surf trip, some small features can make a huge difference.

  • Strapped Up: Surfboard carrying bags can be outfitted with backpack straps. These types of bags can be perfect for surf trips that involve serious hikes or long trips through busy, crowded, streets.
  • Stand Up: Another feature that might be worth the extra money is the ability to use your surfboard as a portable stand. Some surfboard carrying bags have telescoping legs that can be used to create a stable platform to apply wax and store your board between surf sessions.

Contact a company that provides surfboard bags for more information.