Reasons To Carry A Trekking Pole With Built-In Pepper Spray

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If you're a hiking enthusiast who is planning some outings into areas that have challenging terrain, you'll want to invest in a high-quality trekking pole. This device offers stability when you're walking and can also help you to keep your body upright in a healthy posture. When you shop for trekking poles, you'll see all sorts of different designs — including some that have a pepper spray canister built into the handle. If you're concerned about wild animals in the areas you hike, this type of device can be a good option. Here are some reasons to carry a trekking pole that has built-in pepper spray.

Quick Access

A lot of people carry pepper spray when they visit wooded areas, but some people make the mistake of keeping their animal deterrent products in their backpacks or pockets. The issue with this decision is that you may occasionally encounter a wild animal and not have time to retrieve the pepper spray. You're at serious risk of injury if you have to fumble through your backpack or pocket to grab your canister. When you carry a trekking pole with built-in pepper spray, you'll have quick and easy access to this product. Because the canister is built into the handle of the pole, you'll essentially have your hand on the canister at all times.

Free Hand

While you could theoretically hold a trekking pole in one hand and your pepper spray canister in the other while you hike, this doesn't leave either of your hands free while you hike. It's nice to have one hand free at various times, whether it's to grab a tree branch for stability, retrieve your water bottle, or snap a photo with your smartphone. Carrying a trekking pole with built-in pepper spray allows you to use both of these handy devices without occupying both hands.


You might want to carry pepper spray but not necessarily want to share this information with those around you, particularly if you know someone who needlessly feels uneasy around this animal deterrent product. Many trekking poles that have built-in pepper spray are designed so that the pepper spray canister is difficult to visually detect. Because the canister is part of the pole's handle, someone who takes a glance at your pole won't likely realize that any pepper spray is present. This design can be ideal if you wish to be subtle about carrying this product on your hikes.

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