FAQs About Fishing Boat Rental Services

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Is this your first experience with fishing boat rental services? Whether you're planning a quick one-day getaway or a longer fishing trip, take a look at the top questions first-time renters should ask before booking a boat.

Do You Need A License To Rent A Boat? 

Safety is the most important issue when renting and using a boat. But, unlike operating a motor vehicle, boating won't always require the driver to have a license. The specific operation requirements to drive a boat vary by state. While most states won't require recreational boat operators to have a license, you may need a certificate or safety certification card. 

The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) maintains a database of state-required licensing, training, and safety certification requirements. Mandatory educational and training regulations vary by more than just the state. You may need to meet different requirements depending on your age, whether you have a motor vehicle driver's license already, and the type of boat you want to rent.

Is There An Age Requirement?

The answer to this question depends on your state's boating requirements and the fishing boat rental agency. If you're in your late teens, contact the rental company to verify age requirements before you plan your boating vacation. 

Is There A Distance Limit?

Where can you take the boat? The answer to this question depends on the rental company's rules. Many companies have mile or radius restrictions. If your trip includes a longer-distance fishing tour, talk to the rental company about these types of limits.

How Far In Advance Can You Reserve A Boat?

You have the right safety certifications to operate a boat in your state, meet state or rental age requirements, and can agree to the rental company's radius limits. Now that you're ready to rent the boat, you need to make sure you can get a reservation. Ask the rental company how far in advance they take reservations. 

If they take reservations weeks or months in advance, talk to a company employee about the recommended rental reservation time frame. Some rentals book quickly—especially if there is a peak vacation or fishing time. This means you may need to reserve your fishing boat as soon as you know your trip date. 

How Much Is The Boat Rental?

What is your boat rental budget? The rate of a rental varies by company and the type of boat you choose. Along with the overall price, ask the rental agent about making deposits, taxes, and potential additional fees.

Contact a local fishing boat rental service to learn more.