3 Tactical Knife Features Ideal For Fishing

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When you go fishing, the proper tools can greatly decrease the time you spend catching fish. The use of a tactical knife can come in handy for many reasons. You could carry a tactical knife on your side for use in the water or choose to add one to your fishing bag or tackle box.

As you shop for tactical knives online, check out some of the features ideal for fishing and how those features will make your fishing experience a lot more manageable.

1. Spring Opening

As you hold fishing gear like a pole or net, you may not have two hands free to properly open a knife. If you purchase a knife with a spring-based opening, then you will only need one free hand to open the knife. The knife blade will swing open and lock into place. The process saves you time and eliminates a lot of the hassle as well.

With one-handed access, you can easily complete tasks, free fish, or help eliminate any tangles on your pole.

2. Half-Serrated Blade

Instead of just a straight blade across the whole knife, shop for a tactical knife that features a half-serrated blade. A serrated blade features little rivets that allow you to cut through stronger material. For example, you could cut through fishing line. You could also cut through thick brush as you try to reach a spot to fish.

The serrated blade will help you get through these areas and make the fishing experience easier. You could also use both sections of a knife to help clean and filet any fish you want to take home and eat.

3. Fold-Out Clippers

Along with a knife, you could shop for multi-tools that allow you to complete a number of fishing tasks. For example, fold-out clippers give you the opportunity to cut fishing lines on any fish that has swallowed a hook. You could also use the clippers to quickly cut fishing lines and trim pieces of the line after you have tied a knot.

The fold-out options save the need to pack a lot of different tools within your tackle box. You can have access to all of the tools you need with just one knife and complete a number of your fishing tasks all at once.

Shop online for tactical knives with one or more of these features to find what you need for your next fishing trip.