Gheenoes And Other Flat Boats: What To Know

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When you're looking for a boat for fishing rivers, flats, and other calm waters, you may continue to see ads for Gheenoes boats and flatboats. What should you know about them? 

1. They're Small

One of the most obvious facts about these boats is that they're small and often about the size of a canoe. In fact, they may remind you of a canoe with a motor. They aren't as large as many of the fishing boats that people use. However, this can be beneficial in many ways. For one thing, if you have a regular sedan, whenever you feel the urge to fish you can mount the Ghenoe or flatboat onto the car and head out. Larger boats can sometimes be a hassle to get to the water and require much more setup.

2. They Don't Have Much Storage Space

If you need somewhere to store clothing, refreshments, tackle and other items, know that space is not easy to come by in flatboats. Because of their size, there is often not enough room for different compartments and storage areas, particularly if you'd like to move around when you've got a fish pulling the line.

Lack of space could actually be desirable. Without much room to clutter up, you're likely to make smarter choices about what to have with you. You won't spend too much time emptying out the boat after your trip either.

3. They Shouldn't Be Taken in Choppy Water

These small boats are perfect for streams and other calm, shallow water. You can fish without worrying about competition from larger boats that can't navigate those kinds of waters well. However, for your own safe travel, be mindful that choppier waters can feel treacherous in flatboats. In fact, the boat might start filling with water. This is not a problem if you remain in calmer areas that are just as full of fish as other areas.

4. They're Customizable

A fantastic thing about flatboats is that they're customizable. Their small size and simple layout allow for upgrades that are easily done. You may, for instance, want to switch out the motor for a stronger one or install another hull. That work can transform the boat into a better fit for your own preferences.

Gheenoes and similar flat boats can offer a simple way to fish in a boat of your own. Seek out these boats and talk about them with retailers and other fishermen to decide whether they'll be a great choice for your own activities.