Winter Camping: Rental Gear Ideal For Extended Ice Fishing Trips

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Going ice fishing in the winter is a great way to catch fish and spend time on huge bodies of frozen water. Going ice fishing requires a lot of preparation, equipment, and cold-weather gear. To help make the experience worth it, you may want to consider extending your fishing trip to multiple days. The best way to do this is by planning a camping trip. By camping right near the ice, you can have easy access to fishing, fish at any time of the day, and setting up your fishing spot is made a lot easier. To prepare for the trip, you can rent a number of camping items that will make the process a lot easier.

Shoe Traction Chains

If you're camping by your favorite fishing spot, you will likely be climbing on and off the ice multiple times a day. To help with your grip, you can rent multiple pairs for shoe traction chains. These chains are made for gripping slippery areas of ice and snow. By renting multiple chains, you can ensure you have the proper traction for all the shoes you're bringing on the trip.

Hammock Rentals

The ground is hard and comfortable in the summer, so just imagine how much worse it can be in the winter. You can make things as comfortable as possible with a hammock rentals. Hammocks will elevate you off the ground, allowing you to avoid the cold terrain and any type of precipitation like snow or ice. Deluxe hammocks can connect to multiple types of trees and offer secure supports to ensure it can handle your weight. Along with sleeping, the hammocks often have storage areas to make it easy for placing items and keeping them off the cold and wet ground.

Cold Weather Sleeping Bags

The night is going to be the coldest part of your fishing trip, especially if there are strong winds. Your whole body can stay warm and protected with the rental of a cold weather sleeping bags. These sleeping bags are insulated and can handle extreme cold and wind. Full body protection is often given to ensure your body is warm and not exposed to the air. Not only can these sleeping bags be used during the night, but they can help for colder days on the ice.

Lighting Rentals

When camping in the winter, the sun sets a lot earlier in the day. To help extend your fishing trips, you can rent all types of lighting equipment so it's more visible on the ice. Headlamps, solar lights, and inflatable lighting kits are just a few of the rental options.

Plan ahead and use camping checklists to ensure you have everything you need for your adventures. Contact a company to help you rent camping equipment