Pin Ordering And Trading

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Trading softball pins is an activity that team members and fans look forward to when spending time at a regional or national softball competition. There are even individual events that are thrown from time-to-time that are solely designated for trading purposes. If you are a youth coach, contemplate having some custom pins designed. These accessories will promote the team and extra ones can be exchanged for pins that are representative of other teams.

What Makes A Symbolic And Attractive Pin?

The shape, layout, and size are the three elements that could result in a pin style that symbolizes your team's spirit and that will be eye-catching. For example, if you have many team members and you would like to use features to represent them, you could have each team member's name added to a small ball design or you could choose a picture that contains a stack of bats and have each team member's number or name added to one of them.

Choose the outline of your home state as the shape of each pin or choose the shape of your mascot. Add a slogan that describes the gameplay or drive that your team members possess. Select your team colors and some embellishments to add to the design. Rhinestones, charm holders, and LED lights will turn a plain-looking pin into one that is in a category of its own. 

Order the pins in bulk so that there will be enough for you, your team members, loved ones, and fans to wear. Order an extra lot of pins that will be used predominantly for trading during softball tournaments.

What Is Trading Etiquette?

Everyone who attends a softball competition will not be interested in trading and some traders may be offended if you or one of the team members approaches them and asks for a pin without formal introductions and a bit of conversation. To avoid awkward situations, trading should be avoided unless another person is clearly demonstrating that they are interested in exchanging pins.

Many collectors will adorn a scarf, hat, or sash that has pins displayed on it. You and your team members can use this method when displaying the pins that everyone is willing to trade. When meeting someone new, tell them your name and provide them with some information about your team. Then, show them the pins that you own. At this point, the other person may be willing to give you one of their pins in exchange for one of yours. 

Get in touch with a company that creates softball trading pins for more information.